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Air Diving

All CSS Subsea equipment is designed and maintained in compliance with IMCA guidelines and industry best practices. The result is unparalleled safety for our divers and exceptional reliability for our clients.

For both inshore marine civils and offshore support including:

  • Surface supplied mixed gas diving
  • Nitrox Diving
  • Air Diving
  • Surface Decopresion.

CSS’s Surface-Supplied Diving System (SSDS) is a diving system using its Launching & Recovery System (LARS) to deliver divers safely into the water. The equipment supplies breathing gas using a diver’s umbilical from the surface through a Control Van (CV), either from the shore or from a diving support vessel. It provides significantly larger breathing gas supplies, lowering the risk of drowning and allowing more extended working periods and safer decompression. An SSDS has an exclusive Decompression Chamber, which enables emergency decompression when needed on vessels and sites.