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Site Survey and Geohazard Investigation

We have carried out several work scopes where we have been responsible for full-service provision of survey, geophysical, geotechnical, and environmental services, and prepared to deliver a turnkey solution for this scope of work.

CSS Subsea offers a range of site survey options and takes pride in being flexible with equipment specification to meet the needs of the clients and achieve the best results in the chosen survey environment.

A typical SURVEY site survey solution includes but is not limited to:

  • High and ultra high resolution 2D seismic
  • Multi-beam echo sounder
  • Side-scan sonar
  • Several sub-bottom profiler options
  • Magnetometer
  • A range of geotechnical options (CPT, vibrocore, gravity core, etc.)
  • ROV for inspection or environmental applications

Route Surveys

CSS Subsea utilises multibeam echosounder (MBE), side-scan sonar (SSS), and sub-bottom profiler (SBP) systems to carry out route surveys before cable and pipeline laying operations, or subsea construction projects.

CSS Subsea provides services to acquire high-quality Side Scan Sonar (SSS) data, used to produce highly detailed imagery of the seabed and potential debris. CSS Subsea can provide either ROV, traditional towed SSS systems. For towed systems, CSS Subsea can give the client all the equipment and solutions needed, including a winch system, depth sensor, vessel positioning, and optional USBL positioning of the SSS fish.

Typical uses include debris surveys, customer seafloor classifications, and bathymetric data based on return signal.

Sub-Bottom Profiler Data Acquisition

CSS Subsea provides services to gather and deliver high-quality sub-bottom profiler (SBP) data, using pole mounted or towed sensors. Sub-bottom profilers use low-frequency acoustics to penetrate the seafloor. CSS Subsea can provide data acquired with sub-bottom profilers to customers in most known formats.

Typical uses include detecting top layer thickness, pipe/cable detection, buried objects, and customer geological and geophysical analysis.

Data Processing, Charting, and Reporting

Supporting all elements of data acquisition both during seabed mapping and route surveys, CSS Subsea offers data processing, charting, and reporting of the acquired data. We provide customers with the tools and personnel needed to perform data processing, either on-board the vessel or using CSS Subsea office facilities.

CSS Subsea can provide USBL and DVL positioning post-processing, powerful INS post-processing, and automated multi-beam echo sounder data cleaning, all tools which increase the quality of data and increase efficiency to save valuable time.

Pipeline Inspection

CSS Subsea provides support with ROV video and acoustic inspection, usually in the form of digital video, multi-beam or side-scan sonar data acquisition, processing, and eventing. These tasks are available on a stand-alone basis. For example, a pipeline video inspection could compliment an ROV contractor, providing an integrated service to an end client.

IRM (inspection, repair, and maintenance) is becoming a more prominent element of many existing fields, with CSS Subsea positioned to support such operations. These tasks can be provided stand-alone or as part of an integrated service to the end client.

General Services

Several of the supporting services CSS Subsea provides are common to many project types. For perfect vessel and subsea positioning, a well-calibrated vessel survey gyro and USBL system are essential. CSS Subsea’s experienced personnel provides a range of well-established and proven services to complement our other services. These general services include:

  • Quayside vessel gyro and motion sensor calibrations
  • USBL calibrations
  • Dimension control surveys, including offset measurements
  • DGPS verifications
  • Reporting (data processing and reporting)
  • Geodetic consultancy
  • CAD and GIS
  • Video recording for documentation