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Marine survey

Marine Surveys

Throughout the years, CSS Subsea has gained valuable skills and experience in hydrographic and geophysical survey management.


ROV Intervention

CSS Subsea has an extensive track record of more than 7,000 hrs of ROV Operations, 800 km pipeline inspection, and over 20 diving projects successfully performed


Subsea Inspection

CSS Subsea operates as a world-wide underwater service contractor and as per IMCA standards for Surface Supplied Diving, Saturation Diving and ROV Operations, and Survey.

Post-Trenching, Stabilization and Protection

Post-Trenching, Stabilization and Protection

CSS Subsea has earned extensive experience in the pipelines and cables trenching and protection services. The acquisition of Key Personnel and the cooperation with Stephenson Academy allow CSS Subsea to provide a broad range of services.

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Saturation Diving

CSS Subsea diving expertise has roots in continuous research of innovative solutions to achieve high performance with optimal attention to safety. CSS Subsea diving team is the top experienced saturation divers and supervisors.

The air diving

Air Diving

The air diving and mixed gases technique is the base of our diving experience. Air spreads, open bell, and nitrox technique are all company skills.

Research And savage

Search and savage

CSS Subsea can provide specialised services for underwater researches, inspections of skunked vessels, and hazardous cargoes.



CSS Subsea has a team of specialists performing structural inspections, repair, risk analyses, environmental, and security area plan assessments on dams and lagoons.

Search and savage


CSS Subsea has developed active cooperation with Stephenson Academy to provide the whole range of engineering support for all types of projects.