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Development of ideas into service excellence


CSS Subsea operates as a worldwide underwater service contractor and as per IMCA standards for Surface Supplied Diving, Saturation Diving, ROV Operations, and Survey.


CSS Subsea offers a proven track record of more than 7,000 hrs of ROV Operations, 800 km Pipelines inspection, and over 20 Diving Projects successfully performed.


Throughout the years, CSS Subsea has gained valuable skills and experience in hydrographic and geophysical survey management.


Over the years, CSS Subsea personnel has earned extensive experience in pipelines and cables trenching, de-burial, and protection services.

Our Strategy

  • Targeting service segments and geographical markets in which our competitive edge helps to ensure attractive projects.
  • Continuing to consolidate our position as a leading provider of:
    • Shallow and deep-water interventions with divers and ROVs
    • Trenching, burial/de-burial, and protection services for offshore cables and pipelines
    • Asset integrity portfolio services
  • Consolidating our position in those regions where CSS Subsea is historically operative and familiar, including:
    • The Mediterranean and Red Seas;
    • Persian Gulf;
    • Far-East.
  • Expanding into highly attractive regions with a focus on:
    • West Africa
    • Latin America
  • Maintaining a range of ancillary activities which sets us as a reliable full-service marine contractor at the leading edge of industry development

The right resources, at the right time, in the right place

We benefit from a healthy and diversified client portfolio​.

CSS Subsea is an international leader within its segment, with a comprehensive service offer for the installation and maintenance of offshore structures.

Being a long-term service provider to several major international Oil & Gas operators, CSS Subsea is renowned for service quality, professionalism, and reliability.

CSS Subsea’s management leverages extensive industry experience and the support of a dedicated workforce of more than 100 highly qualified employees.

CSS Subsea is equally committed to service quality and safety, demonstrated by strong in-house R&D capabilities, its “centre of excellence” for trenching technology, compliance with IMCA regulations, and DNVGL ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001.

The Group has a successful track record from operations in the Mediterranean Sea, North & West Africa to the Middle-East, and now also in Latin America.

CSS Subsea’s leading position as a provider of unique and highly technical solutions & services such as post-trenching and NDT.