assets integrity and IMR

CSS Subsea is specialised in Asset Integrity and IMR projects. The Asset Integrity Managementne starting form:

  • Pre-Analysis:  Historical data, detection of critical area, survey plan preparation
  • Surveys: Cathodic protection (FIGS), close visual inspection, general visual inspection (photogrammetry and laser scanner); MPI; marine growth measurement (UT); FMD; Corrosion status (Pulsed Eddy Current); wall thickness measurement (UT); weld inspection (ACFM)
  • Assessment: data processing, status results, recommendation
  • Action: action plan preparation; mainteinance execution

Asset Integrity Management opens the door to the IMR: spools and risers installation, hot tapping, monopode, smart flanges and clap, structural repairs and inspections, UWILD and so on.


Spools and riders, Hot tapping, Wind farm, Monopode & SPM, Smart flanges and clamps, Umbilicals installation & repair, SSIV (Sub Sea Isolation Valve)


CSS Subsea team is always looking at innovation and energy transition. Based on that, the Company has its internal R&D department and has created several partnerships to exploit ner technologies in the Offshore sector to provide the best and cutting edge to our Clients. The Asset Integrity Init is the most active and particularly effective in the research of new solutions to meet the Clients needs. CSS Subsea has invested in a new solution for:

  • corrosion inspections
  • the innovative instruments for UWILD activities
  • a cutting-edge solution for Trenching and dredging operation

Everything without forgetting the digitalisation transition and Company innovative organization and process.

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